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Cerro Pelado Sunrise & Sunset Hike

Cerro Pelado Sunrise & Sunset Hike

Duration:4.5 horas en total
Includes:Bebidas, 1 entrada, Equipamiento y Transporte.
Languages:Disponible en Inglés

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Have you ever felt like something is so majestic that it leaves you speechless? If your response is no, or if you want to have that feeling again, Cerro Pelado (Pelado Peak) awaits you. Our day starts at 3:30 AM for the sunrise hike or 2:30 PM for the sunset hike by driving 45 min from Liberia downtown through the small village of El Salto and the town of Cañas. Once at Cerro pelado we start…

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The hike is of moderate intensity, so it’s not impossible to climb, but you do have to remind yourself several times that the best is yet to come so as not to desist.

Qué incluiré

Bottled water
Roundtrip From downtown Liberia

Qué hay que llevar

Hiking shoes
Bug repellant and sunblock
Walking stick (optional)
Hat or cap
Headlamp or Flashlight
Winshield Jacket
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79€ /persona
79€ /persona