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Actividades en Bordano

La mejores recomendaciones de los habitantes del lugar

Descubre lo que hace que la ciudad sea única, desde visitas a lugares emblemáticos a rincones ocultos, con ayuda de los lugareños que mejor la conocen.
“The Butterfly House of Bordano is a corner of tropical forest in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is the largest display of live butterflies and insects in Italy, with 1,000 square feet of heated greenhouses, exhibitions and workshops. More than 400 species of butterflies from around the world are housed in three large-garden greenhouses that reproduce their natural habitats, with exotic plants and animals: tropical Africa, Asia and the rainforests of the Amazon basin.”
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“In Bordano you'll find the Casa delle Farfalle (House of Butterflies), a museum that in its hothouses includes over 400 species of butterflies, flying free in environments that reproduce their habitat”
  • 2 personas de la zona recomiendan