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La mejores recomendaciones de los habitantes del lugar

Descubre lo que hace que la ciudad sea única, desde visitas a lugares emblemáticos a rincones ocultos, con ayuda de los lugareños que mejor la conocen.
“Es el parque mas grande de Europa y el tercero del mundo. Es un buen sitio para pasar el domingo y allí entre otros puedes alquilar una bicicleta y recorrer el parque y hacer una visita a los ciervos que estan en libertad y te puedes acercar a ellos sin ningun peligro. O si lo prefieres tb puedes ir al zoo que se encuentra dentro de el mismo parque.”
  • 545 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Un recorrido único en el que conocerás el proceso por el que pasa la cebada antes de convertirse en la deliciosa cerveza Guinness. En el último piso cuenta con una vista impresionante de la ciudad”
  • 426 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Precioso parque donde descansar y disfrutar de los helados de la mejor heladería de Dublin "Ginos".”
  • 327 personas de la zona recomiendan
“See a jail where Irish political dissidents were held and mistreated, contributing to the 1916 uprising that resulted to Irish independence. A very important part of the country's history. You can only enter with a guided tour so be sure to book in advance. ”
  • 247 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Take the definitive Irish Whiskey tour at Jameson Distillery Bow St. Explore history and heritage, and enjoy a Jameson in the place where it all began. Only 5 minutes walk.”
  • 194 personas de la zona recomiendan
“This was once voted the most disappointing tourist destination. You want spot a local here unless they are working behind the bar. A quick walk through is really all you need to get the idea.”
  • 353 personas de la zona recomiendan
Government Building
“Great historical location dating back to Norman times. Also hosts the Chester Beattie Library, a must see for lovers of ancient manuscripts from all over the world including 3rd and 4th century papyrus manuscripts of the New Testament. ”
  • 136 personas de la zona recomiendan
Plaza peatonal
“South Dublin's main shopping street. Many great, small boutiques and places of interest off the side streets.”
  • 181 personas de la zona recomiendan
Mercado de productos ecológicos
“Take the DART train 25 minutes to this seaside village. Eat some fish and chips and do the cliff-walk, weather permitting. You can also take a ferry to a small island called Ireland's Eye. It has the ruins of a small monastery there. ”
  • 198 personas de la zona recomiendan
“The cathedral was originally founded in 1191 and is rife with over 800 years of Irish history and culture. A brilliant architectural wonder, its beauty can be noticed both inside and out. ”
  • 157 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Good conditions for most animals. Plenty of space. Go mid-week. Very busy weekends in summer. Bring a picnic. Long Day!”
  • 116 personas de la zona recomiendan
Museo de arte
“Modern Art Gallery housed in the old Royal Hospital. With a fantastic rotating collection and visiting exhibitions. ”
  • 158 personas de la zona recomiendan
Museo de arte
“FREE a must visit. The No 1 Visitor attraction in Ireland. Lovely original noteless and gifts. ”
  • 125 personas de la zona recomiendan
Pub irlandés
“One of the oldest bars in Dublin. Good bar food and a Great pint of Guinness ”
  • 124 personas de la zona recomiendan
Pub irlandés
“Great Irish traditional music, amazing Guinness. This is a trully Irish experience in my opinion”
  • 166 personas de la zona recomiendan

Experiencias mejor valoradas

Los mejores restaurantes

Pub irlandés
“One of the oldest bars in Dublin. Good bar food and a Great pint of Guinness ”
  • 124 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Located in the heart of the city (and our favourite area in town) this restaurant has an excellent breakfast and brunch menu. Try the eggs menemen.”
  • 107 personas de la zona recomiendan
Sitio para desayunar
“This place is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner with plenty of vegetarian options. It also looks out over the square and harbour making it an idillic setting for a hearty meal.”
  • 83 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Pizza Place!! Ideal if you need a quick bite and want to stay in the coziness of Dublin 4 ”
  • 92 personas de la zona recomiendan
“I guess there is something cool about getting drunk inside an actual church :-)”
  • 68 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Winner of Lovin Dublin's, "Best Brunch" Award, Farmer Browns on Bath Avenue is a great blend of Irish cooking with contemporary flair”
  • 58 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Best place for live Traditional music and Irishness. Stereotypical Irish pub, very popular with American celebrities.”
  • 69 personas de la zona recomiendan
“A traditional Irish pub in the centre of town. Go upstairs on a Tuesday night and witness ukulele Tuesdays!”
  • 76 personas de la zona recomiendan

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