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Las mejores rutas de senderismo según la gente local

“Must visit. Located in Newport next to historic mansions. About a 60 minute drive from Providence.”
  • 44 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Terrific walking trail. Park at the local Rogers High School and roam through the groomed trails of Ballard Park and the rock quarry.”
  • 4 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Regardless of when you go it's amazing, but if you're an early riser look up the time for dawn and plan to be there at least 10 minutes before sunrise. It's spectacular! Park at 40 steps on Narragansett Ave, bring your coffee and restore your faith that all is right in the world. ”
  • 2 personas de la zona recomiendan
“a must-see!! great way to check out newport's famous beaches and mansions!!”
  • 1 persona de la zona recomienda