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Descubre lo que hace que la ciudad sea única, desde visitas a lugares emblemáticos a rincones ocultos, con ayuda de los lugareños que mejor la conocen.
Museo de arte
“Para perderse unas buenas horas por las distintas épocas y descubrir el arte clásico.”
  • 1085 personas de la zona recomiendan
Monumento/lugar emblemático
“If you go to the Eiffel Tower you should avoid the elevators (where will have to wait at least one hour) and take the stairs. It is far easier that it seems until the second floor (the third being quite high). Morevoer climbing inside the tower make feel being in the heart of the structure and let you take time to see”
  • 982 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Step inside the Centre Pompidou to fall under the spell of Picasso, Magritte, Duchamp, Pollock, Warhol and Tinguely! Your kids won’t be bored because there is specials areas for them and my girls even learn to walk in a Dubuffet cave. It open until 11 PM on thursday so it’s a good way to really see art pieces without any head hidden them! Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris – * * *”
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“Majestic park overlooking the Luxembourg Palace. A visit here is most enjoyable at any time of the year. So much to see: the ducks swimming in front of the enormous Medici Fountain, children sending an armada of small boats across the pond, the parade of sculptures of the queens of France, the manicured Palace gardens. Take a seat and enjoy the people-watching! You can also just relax, enjoy a sandwich or read a book (plenty of chairs and benches). To do some jogging this is also a great place! Free entrance.”
  • 879 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Very Parisian, can be crowded during holiday season. One of my favourite parks because it's not far and it's very green and natural compared to other parisian parks. You also get a pretty good view from the top.”
  • 1118 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Close to Sacré Coeur, Montmartre is one of the most romantic area in Paris. Calm and charming this place is very beautiful”
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Restaurante de carretera
“The Champs Elysees is one of the most famous streets in the world, so be prepared to come up against a fair few tourists, though you can sidestep the hordes pretty easily by exploring the side streets just off the main drag. For most, it's a mandatory stop, if only to catch a glimpse of the monumental Arc de Triomphe which crowns the avenue and which was commissioned by Napoléon to celebrate the armies of empire. The imposing tree-lined avenue is home to a mix of chain stores and luxury brands which, once passed, will take you down to La Concorde, where you’ll find some nice green areas, the French Government buildings, as well as the Grand Palais - a must-see for art and architecture fans alike. Don't miss Rue Saint Honoré - the epitome of chic Parisian shopping which take you all the way to the hip independent bars and shops of Le Marais.”
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Grandes almacenes
“Simplemente directo con la linea de metro 7, te deja en la misma puerta de la emblematica Galerie Lafayette.”
  • 582 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Estan enterrados muchos cantantes, artistas y famosos en general Franceses. Es muy bonito.”
  • 1058 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Hermosa Básilica emplazada en Montmartre (típico barrio de artistas y bohemia). Por su altura, se alcanza una vista privilegiada de la ciudad. ”
  • 976 personas de la zona recomiendan
“Un paseo por la historia de Paris por los jardines del desaparecido Palacio de Tuleiries, junto al Museo del Louvre. Desde el Jardin se puede ver toda la Avenida de Champs-Elysees y el Arco del Triunfo. Al anochecer la vista es increíble!.”
  • 478 personas de la zona recomiendan
Club de comedia
“El famoso Moulin Rouge... De manera general, pueden visitar todo el barrio (a partir del metro Abbesses) porque es muy agradable, bobo y lindo.”
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“Uno de los barrios más bonitos de París. Repleto de galerías de arte, de tiendas y de restaurantes.”
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“The construction of Parc Monceau dates back to the 17th century, under the orders of the Duke of Chartres. This beautiful park, which has inspired many famous paintings, was created in the 18th century for Philippe Egalité, the cousin of Louis XVI and the father of King Louis-Philippe I.”
  • 488 personas de la zona recomiendan
“La villette is difficult to describe... it's very modern, very new parisian, It's amazing for kids, playgrounds everywhere, huge slides, trampolines, a really cool cinema, a butterfly museum, but it's also nice for the nature areas, the bike rides... Plan to spend the whole afternoon there at least, time flies faster than normal over there.”
  • 603 personas de la zona recomiendan
Grandes almacenes
“Two huge buildings and one building is for food and the other is for clothes. High end shop but worth going just to look. The food building is my favorite and there’s 4 floors. Each floor is dedicated to either wine, groceries, kitchen supplies and then furniture. Beautiful place ”
  • 558 personas de la zona recomiendan

Los mejores restaurantes

Grandes almacenes
“Simplemente directo con la linea de metro 7, te deja en la misma puerta de la emblematica Galerie Lafayette.”
  • 582 personas de la zona recomiendan
Restaurante francés
“Cosy place, good vibes, tasty food and amazing outdoor options on summer time !”
  • 553 personas de la zona recomiendan
Bar de copas
“People cross all the city to come to this 5 minute walk from the appartment bar ! One of the only rooftop in Paris. pretty expensive but it's a must go when the sun shines.”
  • 384 personas de la zona recomiendan
Restaurante francés
“Just a classic brasserie close form the flat, good beer (wine is not fantastic) and they have peanuts for free, and for me "peanuts is life" so ... :D Cosy atmosphere, lovely service. ”
  • 303 personas de la zona recomiendan
Cervecería con patio interior
“One of the best bars in Paris, rewarded. But it's more than a bar. Big beautiful place where they make a lot of different things.. Conferences, there's a ruche where bees product honey, a little farm with chickens, and you can go walking on the old railway that is not used in Paris anymore called la petite ceinture. Flowers grow there and you can sit with your drink and food. Homemade, not expensive. Famous brunch on week ends. And more.... ”
  • 270 personas de la zona recomiendan
“El lugar es increíble!! Los precios muy asequibles (económico). Comida francesa.”
  • 289 personas de la zona recomiendan
Emplazamiento histórico
“A big terrace where everyone gathers for drinks. There are some food trucks as well. ”
  • 282 personas de la zona recomiendan
Bar de copas
“Speakeasy - go at the end of the taqueria and push the door. Carefull its a very small bar!”
  • 248 personas de la zona recomiendan

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